Gourmet cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, espresso, and cakes in Boise, Idaho


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Peanut Butter & Jelly

Vanilla cake, strawberry filling, peanut butter & strawberry buttercream

Snicker Doodle

Cinnamon cake topped with cinnamon sprinkled buttercream

Triple Salted Caramel

Caramel cake filled with salted caramel topped with salted caramel buttercream & salted caramel drizzle


Chocolate cake filled with chocolate peanut butter ganache iced with peanut butter buttercream

Caramel Apple

Spiced apple cake with caramel apple filling, iced with Carmel icing & drizzled with caramel


Chocolate cake in a graham cracker crust filled with chocolate ganache & iced with toasted marshmallow icing

Banana Toffee

Moist banana cake with walnuts & toffee bits filled with a toffee filling & iced with   caramel icing


Vanilla cupcake with a caramel coconut filling dipped in chocolate ganache & topped with coconut caramel

Tiger Tail

Coconut cake filled with raspberry filling frosted with raspberry buttercream topped with coconut


Chocolate cake filled with caramel dipped in ganache & iced with chocolate buttercream

Coconut Cream Pie

Vanilla cake filled with coconut cream & iced with whipped icing

Banana Pudding

Vanilla cake filled with banana pudding & iced with whipped icing sprinkled with vanilla wafers

Boston Cream

Vanilla cake with cream filling topped with chocolate ganache

Rocky Road

Chocolate cake loaded with peanuts & chocolate chips filled with marshmallow cream & topped with chocolate buttercream, marshmallows & peanuts


Moist banana & pineapple cake studded with walnuts with topped with cream cheese icing

Maple Bacon

Maple cake studded with bacon & topped with maple buttercream & bacon

Almond Joy

Chocolate cake with coconut filling topped with almond buttercream & sprinkled with coconut & almonds

Caramel Macchiato

Espresso cake filled with caramel & topped with whipped icing & drizzled with caramel & coffee drizzle


Chocolate fudge cake with marshmallow filling and buttercream icing sprinkled with coconut


Bubblegum flavored cake with bubblegum icing topped with a piece of bubblegum

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy flavored cake with cotton candy icing & topped with cotton candy


Moist pumpkin spice cake Iced with cream cheese buttercream

Sweet Potato

Moist sweet potato cake filled with cream cheese buttercream & frosted with marshmallow icing


Delicately spiced cake with caramel buttercream icing

PeanutButter Banana

Moist banana cake topped with peanut butter buttercream

Tomato Soup

A flash from the past! Tomato soup cake delicately spiced& iced with cream cheese buttercream.

Italian Cream

Rum Cake studded with coconut & pecans. Filled with cream cheese rum mousse & iced with whipped icing

ChocoChip Cookie Dough

Chocolate cake with choco chip cookie dough baked in the middle frosted with choco chip icing


Chocolate cake filled with snickers filling & topped with caramel buttercream

Spiced Chai Latte

Spiced Chai cake with cream cheese buttercream

Strawberry Cream Cheese

White cake filled with strawberry cream cheese & topped with whip icing

French Silk Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate cake filled with French silk chocolate mousse filling & topped with chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate ganache & iced with buttercream

Red Velvet

Southern red velvet cake. Classic or filled with white chocolate raspberry mousse iced with cream cheese buttercream

Pink champagne

Pink Champagne cake filled with cream cheese mousse & iced with whipped icing


Margarita cake filled with a tequila lime mousse & topped with whipped icing

Bahama Mama

Pineapple, coconut, orange & rum flavors filled with pineapple rum mousse & topped with whipped icing


Baileys cake filled with baileys chocolate ganache & topped with whipped icing

German Chocolate

Light German chocolate cake iced with German chocolate icing


Light lemon cake filled with fresh squeezed lemon curd mousse & topped with whipped icing

Almond Poppy Seed

Almond poppy seed cake filled with Twinkie filling & iced with whipped icing

Mexican Chocolate

Chocolate fudge cake spiced with chili & cinnamon, filled with dolce d leche & iced with chocolate buttercream


Grandma’s recipe! Moist & delicious with or without nuts cream cheese buttercream

Andes Mint

Chocolate cake filled with Andes mint mousse & topped with whipped icing

Mango Passion fruit

Coconut cake filled with mango passion fruit filling & iced with cream cheese buttercream